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How It Works
"We assists help mainly in three segments
Educational, Medical & for Lifetime necessities"

Main intention of foundation is to assist needy people mainly in terms of 3 segments i.e. Education, Medical & Lifetime necessities. To work out such activities our 3 to 4 members are always available in foundation office between 10 to 11.30 AM from Monday to Saturday.

Our members carefully notes every one’s request and based on it take necessary action, In some emergency cases we immediately help out, and in some cases we properly guide them and scrutinize their requirements. If we needed more information on particular case,We approach to some associated group (Vardhman sanskruti dham,Young alert group etc). We try to wrap up any case as soon as possible.

Our members have authority to approve predefine amount in any case without taking permission of higher authorities, it saves time and cost of needy people.

  Educational Help
We directly give account payee cheque in favor of organization name that also as per condition that first 3 months of fees will be paid by requestor and then we give fees for another 3 months on a/c payee name. We also give appeal letter to requestor to represent to other trusts so they can help out for balance fees.
  Medical Help
We are tied up with one medical store. We send requestor to this medical store along with latest prescription & with letter that upto what amount medical store will give them medicines. Medical stores collect original prescription from requestor and if medicine contains strips then medical stores break that strips into number of pieces available in that strips or if medicine in the form of bottle, medical stores open the seal and then give it to requestor the reason behind it is to avoid misuse and resell of medicines.

For any operation help we provide a/c payee cheque in the name of hospital directly.

  Mediclaim Policy
100% premium of policy is paid by us. We also do renewal of the same. We also assist in filling claim form and also try out that claim should be clear out quickly.
  Business Help
We take 10 equivalent amount of post dated cheque depending upon business loan. Date of this cheque is between 1st and 5th of every month after next month of business loan.
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